Why You Should Contact Car Wreckers in Melbourne for Your Damaged Car?

Nobody wants to own a damaged car. It’s inconvenient, takes up space and will likely cost you an arm and a leg in repairs costs – sometimes more than what your car is worth. You have another option: Sell Your Car for Cash with a Melbourne Car Wrecker. A well-regarded Melbourne Car Removal company like Top Car Removal guarantee to pay top dollar for your damaged car no matter how old or worn-out it is.   You can receive up to $9,999 Instant Cash for Cars the same day you contact a Car Wrecker and have everything completed in about half an hour. Sounds more convenient than the long-winded (and expensive!) process of getting your damaged car repaired, right? The following is why you should sell your damaged car to a reputable Car Wrecker in Melbourne. 

1. Say So-Long to Towing – Receive a Free Melbourne Car Removal Service Instead

A damaged car is an expensive thing to have! Even if you’ve decided to get rid of it, there’s towing fees and even the cost of leaving it at a landfill. Why not get paid top dollar and have it removed for free instead? A reliable Melbourne Car Removal service can collect and buy it Same Day whenever suits you at any location including:
  • Melbourne CBD
  • North Melbourne
  • Melbourne South
  • Western Melbourne
  • Northern Melbourne
  • Brunswick
  • St Kilda
  • Northcote
  • And Many More!

2. You Damaged Car Might Be Completely Wrecked –A Car Wrecker Will Still Pay for it on the Spot

Thanks to high-quality Melbourne Car Wreckers, you never have to worry about paying to dispose of your car again. Car Wreckers aren’t looking to resell your car but instead want to buy it to recycle its auto parts which hold a lot of value. Is your car scrap, junk, broken down, or damaged beyond repair? No worries: you can sell it for up to $9,999 on the spot today with a Melbourne Car Wrecker.  

3. Sell Your Damaged Car for Cash in Half an Hour in Melbourne

The process of selling your car to a Car Wrecker is by far the fastest option. The Licensed Car Removal team will arrive at your vehicle’s location and in half an hour, you’ll be paid and have your vehicle collected. And like that, your Damaged Car problem is solved!  

4. Receive a Quick Quote Over the Phone

Trying to find quotes from a Car Wrecker is a breeze. You can get it in minutes over the phone or online. Simply give a full description of your damaged vehicle, such as its condition, odometer reading, make & model and age and you’ll receive a Free Car Evaluation. You’ll receive an ‘Instant Quote’ which you can take or leave without pressure.  

5. Melbourne Car Removal Companies Will Take Care of the Paperwork

All good Car Removal Companies will prepare all the paperwork for free and guide you through the legal procedures, so everything is clear, easy and hassle-free. Just bring a photo ID, proof of ownership and remove your damaged car’s license plates. Contact Top Car Removal Melbourne today at 0435 466 577