Looking For Top Cash Offers For Your Unwanted Car

Are you looking for the top cash offers for your old and unwanted vehicle?

Selling off old and unwanted vehicles is tough. Direct customers and car dealers seldom show interest in old vehicles.

You might even have to spend money on repairs and modifications to get it sold.

Even then, the cash offer may not meet what you had expected.

Why go through all these hassles when you can sell your old and unwanted car in a day and get the best cash offer for it?

Let us show you how. We offer the best Cash for Car offers in Melbourne.

We are Top Car Removals



Cash for Cars


Top Car Removals offers you top dollar for your old and unwanted car. Our rates go as high as $6999. To avail of our cash offers, you don’t have to do anything except contact us over the phone or online and provide your vehicle details.

We have expert appraisers who can find the true and best value of vehicles from the details you provide.

Our offers are instant and can be availed online. It is not like in the past when you have to tow or drive to a Cash for Car company with your vehicle. Nor do you have to do costly repairs or modifications to make the car more appealing and sellable. We are ready to buy your car in its “As It Is” condition.

Once we get the details of your vehicle, our appraisers will verify the details and will provide you with an instant quote. We don’t just buy vehicles to resell. We buy vehicles for their parts and metal.  

Our team knows that each vehicle however old or damaged it seems, will have good parts that can be reused and resold. Also, there will be tons of metal in each vehicle. When we buy a vehicle we salvage all these good parts. Only the parts that are beyond repair and metal will be wrecked. So when we offer a price for your vehicle we consider all these factors. So you can be sure that the quote we offer will be top-notch.

Our appraisers don’t charge anything to appraise your car. We do it for free. When we offer you a quote, our only aim is to provide you with the best deal for your vehicle. We don’t compel you to agree to our offer. You are free to accept or reject our offer. Once you choose to accept our offer, you can schedule a Free Car Removal service in Melbourne.

We work 24 hours a day, so any time of your convenience will be ok with us. We will come with a tow truck fit for your car and do a professional Car Removal service.

Get the best cash offers and best Car Removal service with us

For more details, visit our website or call us at 0435 466 577.