Who Pays Top Cash Offers For Old And Unwanted Vehicles

If you have an old and unwanted vehicle, why let it rot when you can make it worth your while?

We are Top Car Removal.

We, as one of the leading Cash for Car companies in Melbourne, will buy your old and unwanted vehicle for top dollar.

To sell your unwanted vehicle, all you have to do is contact us. It is not like in the past where you have to spend money for getting your appraised or for towing it to the buyer.

We take care of all the procedures, and that includes providing you with free paperwork/contracts to make the sale valid, and give you the best choice to sell your unwanted vehicle.

What are the benefits of dealing with Top Car Removal

The main advantage of dealing with us to sell your unwanted vehicle is our various services. Let it be Cash for Car or Free Car Removal service in Melbourne, we provide excellent cash offers and exceptional services.

Our team consists of an experienced crew who are the best at what they do.

We offer you a chance to sell your unwanted car easily and instantly. All it takes is a phone call or an email.

The sale process starts with you contacting us over the phone or online. You can ring us up at 0435 466 577 or email us at info@topcarremoval.com.au. You also have the option of filling the online forms of “Get A Quote” given on the ABOUT US page, of our website.
 Top Cash Offers for Old Unwanted Cars

Whatever means you choose to contact us, you can be sure that you get the best services and offers.

Once you contact us, we require some basic details of the vehicle you wish to sell. Once you provide us with the details, our team of appraisers will check the details and offer you an instant top cash offer.

We don’t compel you to agree and accept our offer. You are free to accept or reject it. You can even check with other competing companies regarding the value of your vehicle.

Once you decide that ours is the best offer, you can accept it.

Next comes the Old Car Removal service. We work 24/7, so any time you choose is a convenient time for us.

You can choose the date, time and location from where you wish your vehicle to be collected, and we will be there on the dot to collect it.

Our experienced drivers will come with an appropriate tow truck and do a professional Car Removal Service. We even bring the contracts all ready to be signed to avoid your troubles in getting them prepared.

We do all the heavy lifting, while you only have to sign on the dotted line of the contract to make the sale valid.

So why wait?

For more details, visit our website or call us 0435 466 577