Sell Your Old Or Damaged Car For The Best Cash For Car Offers

Every year around 500000 cars are taken off the roads. Most vehicle owners are not sure what to do with these vehicles. They usually take the shortcut of dumping it in some landfills. Or they hire some towing companies and pay an absurd amount of money to get it done for them.

But what vehicle owners don’t realize is the opportunity they are missing to make quick cash.


Even that rusted bucket of bolts of yours can get your pocket full of cash.

As one of the leading Scrap Car Removals Companies in Melbourne, we do just that. At Top Car Removal, we take it upon ourselves to provide our customers with a chance to sell their old/damaged/unwanted vehicles for the best market value.

Our company don’t reject vehicle just because its old or damaged. Our process enables every vehicle owner to dispose of their vehicle in a hassle-free yet eco-friendly way.

Cash For Cars

How much do we offer for your vehicle

Every buyer or dealer focuses on various elements for determining the value of vehicles. It could be the make or model or the condition of the vehicle. Based on these they offer a quote, Some companies even reject vehicles just because they are not a popular brand or are damaged beyond repair.

But that is not how we at Top Car Removal work.

We buy vehicles of every make, model and condition. From a rusted bike to a damaged boat, or an old car to an accident-met truck, we buy it all. We have the best Car Removals in Melbourne who pay you to get your vehicle removed.

Our offers are nothing to smirk about. We always make sure our offers are true, instant and transparent.

Our Car Removals offer top-notch prices and the offer can go as high as $6999.

Our offers, even though they are the best, don’t compel you to stick on to our offers. You have every right to check for other offers or sell to other dealers. But once you find our offers are the best, you can sell them to us.

Once we finalize the price, you can set a date and time of your convenience and we will be there to collect it. We also make sure the car removal process is professional and smooth. We have experienced drivers and state-of-the-art tow trucks capable of removing vehicles of every size and shape.

We also bring the contracts/documents all ready to be signed. We do all the heavy lifting. You only need to sign on the dotted lines of the contracts. Once the contracts are signed, we make the arrangements for the cash transfer. As long as the details you have provided are correct, we stand by our offer and settle it in full.

Give a call now to 0435466577 right away to know our offers and services.