The Importance Of Getting A Notice Of Car Disposal And Cancelling Your Vehicle Registration In Melbourne, VIC

If you live in Victoria and have sold your vehicle, it’s important to inform the Department of Transport that you no longer own it right away. For those who fail to give notice of Car Disposal or properly transfer ownership, you risk getting in a lot of trouble if the new owner uses your vehicle recklessly. Luckily, it’s easy to inform Vic Roads at Vehicle owners need to inform Vic Roads of their change of ownership when:
  • You have sold your car
  • It has been stolen
  • It is damaged and given to a Car Wrecker
  • The car has been robbed or stolen
  • It has been reclaimed by a third party or insurance
If you no longer own a car, it’s no longer your responsibility. Make sure it stays that way by informing the proper government department so its new owner doesn’t give you stress! Car Disposal Melbourne  

Why It’s Important That You Report that You No Longer Own a Vehicle

We’ve mentioned that a car’s new owner can potentially give you a headache when its owner hasn’t been reported properly. But what exactly can happen that will affect you (the previous owner) negatively? Some reasons why you should report your car’s change of ownership include:
  • The car is involved in a crime or unlawful action
  • The driver breaks traffic or road rules
  • The car is written off as unfit for driving on the road
  • The car is involved in an accident or road disaster
You may be held responsible if the appropriate government department doesn’t know that your vehicle is now driven under a new owner. It may require a lot of time, money and hassle in order to avoid fines and prove that you were not involved in any wrong-doing.

Why Vehicle Licenses are Cancelled in Victoria

There are many reasons why a vehicle license will be canceled in Victoria. These include:
  1. You are late on paying off the car
  2. You cancel your registration by choice
  3. The car is written off by transport authorities and is no longer roadworthy
  4. The car doesn’t meet the requirements of the state government’s road policies

How to Cancel Your Vehicle’s Registration If You Live in Victoria

If you are the registered owner of a vehicle, you can cell its registration whenever you like. Transferring ownership in Victoria requires you to inform VicRoads within 2 weeks. There are different ways to cancel vehicle registration in Victoria including:
  1. Mailing the appropriate forms to VicRoads, GPO Box 1644, Melbourne, VIC 3001
  2. Going to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre
  3. Calling VicRoads at 13 11 71
  4. Visit VicRoads Online
In order to complete cancellation, you’ll need information about both the seller and new owner including:
  • The Seller: their name, address, date of birth, license/customer number, date of sale.
  • The New Owner: their name, address, date of birth, license/customer number.
  • The Car: including the registration plate’s number, the engine number, the VIN/Chassis number and the year of manufacture.
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